Dear friends and colleagues,

On behalf of Augma Biomaterials & Augma Bone Cement Academy (ABCA) I have the greatest pleasure and honor of inviting you to take part in the upcoming Augma 1st International Symposium (AIS) 2019.

We are pleased to share with you the revolutionary concept of Augma bone cement. Experts from around the world will shed more light on this disruptive invention, sharing the tools to simplify and improve our bone grafting practice by challenging the status quo.

I welcome you to join us for 5 exciting days filled with learning, fun, and friendship.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in Israel!

Dr. Amos Yahav

Dr. Amos Yahav


Bone Cement Experts

David Baraness, DMD

An in depth understanding of bone cements’s clinical and biological features to maximize surgical advantages while being aware of its limitations “

Dr. Noumbissi

Sammy S. Noumbissi, DDS, MS
United States

Implant Site Preparation and Enhancement Using Biphasic Calcium Sulfate for Placement of Zirconia Ceramic Implants

Robert D. Mogyoros, DMD
United States

New Ideas For Bone Cements

Igal Balan, DMD

Extramaxillary approach for the treatment of narrow ridges & Zygomatic implants for the treatment of the partially edentulous maxilla

Damian Dudek, DMD

Jonathan M. Abenaim, DMD
United States

Dentistry TODAY Utilizing the LATEST and GREATEST

Burak Bayrak, DMD

Adapting Simple Techniques on Bone Augmentation by Using Bone Cement

Michael Katzap, DDS MAGD
United States

Bone Graft Cement in clinical applications

Stephan Berg, DMD

The amazing love story of sinus with Augma

James Burke Fine, D.M.D
United States